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How To Resolve Medical Debt With Legal Representation?

Medical debt has been identified as a leading cause for bankruptcy. In fact, experts say that one in every five Americans have a poor credit report because of medical debt. No one anticipates hospital visits and illness, and most people think that their health insurance would be adequate. Sadly, this is not true.

Whether it is regular check-ups, hospitalization or surgery, an illness in the family can amount to a medical debt the size of a hill. And when people struggle with their debt, they sometimes end up making decisions that worsen the financial condition. This may include defaulting on medical bills, taking an unsecured loan or a mortgage on the house.

Almost 88% Americans have health insurance, and still struggle with medical debt. In contrast, more than one in ten Americans do not have health insurance. If this section of the population were to fall sick, their medical bills would become an inescapable burden.

A Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times survey revealed that 20% of people with health insurance had a difficult time paying off their medical debt. And many also needed to resort to drastic changes in lifestyle and employment to deal with it. 53% of folks who were uninsured were unable to pay their medical bills.

Do Not Let Medical Debt Ruin Your Life

A major illness or an accident can dramatically alter the course of your life and can lead to financial ruin. Dealing with a pile of medical bills can be stressful, and you are likely to feel lonely and helpless. This situation can be avoided if you have the assistance and support of consumer protection attorneys who are experienced at helping consumers exercise their legal rights to resolve debts.

The attorneys Resolvly can refer you to offers its clients medical debt relief with the assistance of consumer protection lawyers. The company and its team of debt resolution specialists understand the strain that clients undergo, and the harassment they can face at the hands of debt collectors. The lawyers are committed to helping their clients understand, protect, and enforce their rights as consumers, and that can help them achieve the medical debt relief they are hoping for.

Understanding Debt Resolution for Reducing your Medical Bill Exposure

When most people end up with medical debt, they are unsure of how they even got into such a position. They wonder why, despite paying regular premiums, their health insurance did not cover their medical bills. The medical debt seems unsurmountable, and no amount of financial maneuvering seems to help. This is where Resolvly can be of help.

Resolvly is committed to educating its clients, and making them aware of all the financial and legal details with regard to their medical debt.  With the help of consumer protection lawyers, Resolvly can help refer you to the right attorney who can help you protect and enforce your legal rights to resolve your medical debt and help you regain control of your finances and your life.


Resolvly’s Medical Debt Specialists

If you find yourself struggling with medical bills and can’t afford to pay your doctor or hospital debts call Resolvly at (844) 479-3457 and let us help you. We work with top-notch consumer protections attorneys who can help to achieve the goal of resolving your medical debt by helping you protect and enforce your legal rights against your creditors.

There are many benefits to working with Bar licensed consumer protection attorneys. You may be able to avoid defaulting on your bills or going through bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills. By resolving your debt you prevent that from taking place and causing extra stress on your life. To explore your options regarding medical debt relief and unpaid medical bills, call us at (844) 479-3457.

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