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medical billsMounting Medical Bills & How To Resolve Medical Debt With a Debt Resolution Program

Medical debt can result from regular checkups, emergency room visits, or unplanned procedures. Medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the United States. 85 percent of Americans had health insurance in 2012, with over half covered by employer-sponsored insurance.

Despite these insured figures, $2.7 trillion was spent on health care that year, or $8,700 per person. Last year 2 million people had to file for bankruptcy as a result of unpaid medical bills, more so than credit cards or unpaid mortgages. Even those who have health insurance are not immune to crushing debts, an estimated 10 million who have full health-insurance coverage will still be unable to pay all their medical bills.

Resolvly’s Medical Debt Specialists

If you find yourself struggling with medical bills and can’t afford to pay your doctor or hospital debts call Resolvly at (855) 404-0034 and let us help you. We work with top-notch consumer protections attorneys who will help you achieve the goal of resolving your medical debt.

There are many benefits to working with State Bar licensed consumer protection attorneys. You may be able to avoid defaulting on your bills or going through bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills. By resolving your debt you prevent that from taking place and causing extra stress on your life. To explore your options regarding medical debt and unpaid medical bills, call us at (855) 404-0034.

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