Medical Bill Resolution Services in the USA

If you are an American resident and are looking for help with your medical bills then you are in luck. Resolvly provides services for almost every single state in the country and serves over 15,000 different cities for those who have unsustainable medical bills and they want help in lowering the remaining un-secured debt payments that are owed to the hospital, doctor, or medical billing company.

What Resolvly does is they take a very unique approach to helping their clients and consumers who have been adversely affected by debt. When most people end up with medical debt, they are unsure of how they even got into such a position. They wonder why, despite paying regular premiums, their health insurance did not cover their medical bills. The medical debt seems insurmountable, and no amount of financial maneuvering seems to help. This is where Resolvly medical debt experts can be of help. They empower clients by helping them understand the financial issues pertaining to their case.

Go through our directory of States and see if you are eligible to receive a free consultation of help from us for your medical debt invalidation needs in your state.

Please note that we don’t provide services currently for elimination and write off services for the following states States:






New Hampshire

North Carolina

North Dakota


South Carolina

South Dakota

Rhode Island


Puerto Rico

We also do not deal with secured collateral or deferment. Resolvly also does not work with the following lenders such as Military accounts USAA, Military Star, Navy Federal, State loans Mohela, MEFA, ISL, Bank of North Dakota, PHEAA, Utah HEAA, NJ HEAAm FAME, Mariner Finance and Brazos. As well as Indian Payday loans, mobi loans, Plain Green, Arrow One, Cash advance, Golden Valley, Cash Fairy, Harvest Moon, Northern Plains, and Silver Cloud.